Doctor Who the Movie and Why I Love It

As many scifi buff might tell you when it comes to their favorite series they have very strong opinions. Whovians are no different.  We tend to have a favorite actor (mine being Matt Smith, followed by Tennant, followed by either Troughton or Tom Baker) as well as one or more favorite stories ( A few of my top picks. 1 "The Doctor's Wife" 2 "The End Of Time" 3 "Dalek" 4 "The Eleventh Hour") and there are some stories which certain fans strongly dislike. While I admit some episodes of the new and classic series miss part of the reason I obsess over the show I find in general it is a very wonderful series which will hopefully still be going centuries from now. One story  in particular which certain viewers (The amazing Neil Gaim for one) is the 1996 tv movie featuring Paul McGann as the fantastic Doctor  and Eric Roberts as his foe the Master.
 I own the dvd and have watched it between five eight times most likely and I can say while I would have most likely have a made a very different film it is pretty good and while the Master is a bit different from what many fans would expect he is pretty interesting and sort of scary. What turns a lot of fans away from the film is a major deviation in the storyline in the original series because if you're willing to believe it in the film it states the Doctor is half human on his mother's side. When watching the film you can either choose to ignore this detai (which will become difficult)  accept it as only affecting the cannon of the film (which gets confusing) or some other third thing which you can think up yourself. To conclude while it may not be to everyones liking the film  is well worth watching.



The Snowmen and What Is To Come

"Doctor who" is returning in two days and as it in my opinion should be we know only a few basic details of the plot. What we do know is that Jenna Louise Coleman ( also seen as Oswin Oswald in "Asylum of the Daleks") will be returning apparently as a character named Clara who will be the new companion.  Richard E. Grant will be featured as the main antagonist Dr. Simeon who is somehow plotting to destroy or conquer the world with snow/ snow creatures during the Victorian era.
       Some fan favorite characters will be returning. Strax the lovable clone warrior alien who was apparently slain during the Battle of Demon's Run while protecting Melody Pond is going to be acting as the manservant of Vastra and Jenny cross-species lesbian lovers who also took part in the battle. Vastra is a lizard woman and detective who apparently killed and ate Jack the Ripper and Jenny is an intelligent human female.

       In this episode the Doctor will be in a funk after having lost his companions who he had loved greatly and and the Strax, Vastra and Jenny trio will attempt to cheer him up. Ultimately it appears the new companion is the only one who can cheer him up. This will lead into second half of the seventh season of the revived series and to the 50th anniversary. Their will be a new tardis  interior and Neil Gaiman has written a second episode and it will feature the terrifying cybermen Moffat has had Stephen Thompson write an episode called  "Journey to The Centre of The Tardis"  written and according to the writer it is pretty much what it sais in the title. We can look forward to a very surprising and entertaining year of Who and a spectacular 50th anniversary.


The Handicapper General

What if we lived in a perfectly equal world in every way? Would that not be paradise? This concept is explored in Kurt Vonnegut's short story  "Harrison Bergeron "  which reveals to us a world in which the execptional is despised and their are legal limits on thought. This may seem like some strange drug induced dream of a madman  but look at the world around you and try to deny that their are not those who encourage you to abandon your thoughts and your ideas in favor of that which is typical and expected and won't make anyone feel inferior.

         Even that which would not necessarily be considered ideal if all could obtain its traits by snapping their fingers is still sometimes shunned because rather than the typical person feeling envious they feel sorry for the individual posessing the traits and may either attempt to correct the traits or believe themselves incapable of correcting the traits and thus powerless and uncomfortable. However these traits are not necessarily negative and must be treated in the correct manor so that they can benefit the individual and the world around them. In certain cases the individual develops extremely or has loosely related negative traits which are used by the media and the human mind demonize  whatever they see as the isssue.

         The concept of eugenics was officially created by Sir Francis Galton a cousin of the discoverer of evolution Charles Darwin. Galton after reading Darwin's paper noted that evolution was based on the survival of the fittest and that our tendency to protect and care for the weak and the unideal among weakened us as a species.  This idea would in Nazi as well as American and British laws.

      So getting back to the point how could this "problem" of individuality be solved?  What if the government stepped in and appointed someone to handle this? What could the potential outcome be? In Vonnegut's story the physically attractive are made to wear unappealing mask  and the strong have their capabilities  limited with metal restraints and as for intellectually gifted they are frequently tortured with loud annoying sounds that their memory and concentration skills extremely. The person  put in charge of this whole hellish system is the Handicapper General. You may be saying to yourself that their is not a single person like this who exists or has existed on this Earth but you are very wrong.

        Hitler comes to mind when you think of those who try to harness and control human beauty and variation but there have been plenty others many of whom have not been nearly as cruel and have in fact meant to help all including those that they have done harm to. Think of the leaders of Autism Speaks who support the illusion that autism is not part of someone is and that it is possible to separate it from the individual in the same way you might remove a splinter but this is not supported by science and is a concept with close ties to eugenics. Eugenics is the idea that we should selectively breed, sterilize illiminate humanity as we see fit to create a stronger race.Supporters of Eugenics included Bell, Churchill and H.G. Wells.

 After the second world war eugenics has usually been looked down upon because of its association  with Nazism and the many terrible acts commited by Nazis. This history still does not prevent these harmful ideas from invading society and that is why you must look to help those in need of help and unite the world through differences and similarities creating a people that our strong in their humanity.


Math Vs. Mind

I am an aspie with significantly above average IQ and an extreme ability to store large amounts of information on things which interest me however I have great difficulty with math. Occasionally I hit on a mathematical concept which I understand rather quickly and easily but usually it takes a lot of time and it just doesn't feel natural.

    I think the reason might be that I want to take in information that feels like real information.  I know what you are likely thinking is that I'm a thick headed oaf who doesn't understand the importance of math but the truth is I do. I understand that math allows one to prove or disprove a scientific concept or more practically make a schedule, plan your diet etc. I am fascinated by science and know quite a bit about various scientific fields and I greatly appreciate what math has done to improve upon it and make it clear I just simply find it easier to understand with out the numbers. I like all the complex concepts that help us understand the world around us.

     I believe in an extremely beautiful world and I can understand what I know about it like an organism which grows and works as one. If anyone has similiar or opposing views please share them in the comments.


There Once Was a Flying Pig

There once was a flying pig.  It's name was Porknonio.  Me and Porknonio were very good friends, we shared and did everything together.  One day me and Porknonio were having an argument, I asked him to fly me up high in the sky.  He said he wouldn't.  So I killed that furry man child and ate his bacon, magic bacon that makes me fly.  Or it's hallucinogenic, either way I'm having fun.  I have to go, there's a dragon in my kitchen.  Michael Novotny.


Halfway Out Of The Dark

As I sit in a gymnasium I would once have been terified of while healing from a dislocated knee cap I eagerly await the return of "Doctor Who" with "The Snowmen" Christmas special. I aslo look forward to some more common Christmas traditions such as the giving and the receiving of presents and the consumption of large quantities of nourishment.

      As many of you may know Christmas is an ancient tradition with various equivalents throughout the world and perhaps on other that draws largely from pagan beliefs. Interestingly enough many of you so called Christmas experts are unfamiliar with the most important holiday creature known widely as the Krampus. If you are a naughtly little or girl residing in Austria or Germany among other countries a large hairy beast will visit you and eat you in your sleep while his master commonly known as Santa Claus will only take your cookies.

     Do not fear for I am certain that you dear reader are a brave and generous soul who shall receive many a deserved gift. After all as a bitter old man once said before he got all timey wimey "We're are halfway out of the  dark.

Now have a merry New Year and a happy Christmas though possibly not in that order.


The Speckled Band

If you are interested in an enjoyable and surprsing short read I suggest the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlcock Holmes "The Speckled Band." I read it yesterday after watching a bit of the BBC series "Sherlock" and I enjoyed both thoroughly.

     "Sherlock" is a fascinating modern rendition of the classic Sherlock Holmes and is a joy to watch. If you follow "Doctor Who" you should know that Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss co-created it together and did a brilliant job. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch  and Martin Freeman as Holmes and Watson respectively. I strongly suggest it and "The Speckled Band" to all those in search of a thrilling mystery.