Breaking News! Neil Gaiman! Obama! Pot! A Guy Named Paul!

As you may not yet know the acclaimed writer Neil Gaiman who wrote the amazing "Doctor Who" episode "The Doctor's Wife" has a written second episode.   This is episode wil feature cybermen as well as Warwick Davis (Harry Potter), Tamzin Outhwaite and Jason Watkins ("Being Human"). In other only loosely related and (in my opinion) almost as good news Barack Obama has won the opportunity to remain predisident of the United States of America for another four year term after his first has ended. Another interesting thing that I would like to mention is that voters in Colorado have passed a bill legalizing pot. Lets hope the feds don't ruin this.

In new blog news today a friend of yours truly who goes by the name of Paul  has agreed to guest blog. What I can tell you about him is that he is extremely gifted in writing and sees the world in his own original way and that he has a lot of what I like about this world inside of him. What I can tell you about the post he will be writing is that it will likely revolve around historical events.

 To Conclude this blog post I shall post a video of Neil Gaiman as mentioned above reading a wonderful poem as well as another video featuring a humorous rap battle. .