NaNoWriMo and Halloween

As the month of October comes to a close those of us who are not devoured by demons are strongly urged to participate in National Novel Writing Month.  The challenge is simple, in the month of November you attempt to write a fifty thousand word story that doesn't necessarily make any sense at all. I myself participated last year and unfortunately  lost do computer's suckishness.

 If you wish to take part simply go to the site and sign up with a cool name like Krampus but not Krampus ( this guy has dibs on that sick piece of name.)  If you have an idea then thats great  and if not write about your taxes or your love of the word bird (everbody knows that the bird is the word) or whatever it is that you like. You can add me as your buddy on the site. Once again the name's Krampus.

  If you haven't heard it's Halloween. Yes I did dare mention that unholy devil's day of chocolate ecstasy. Some activities you may chose to take part  in are as follows.

1 Giving out candy. Strongly encouraged!
2 Getting candy. Strongly Encouraged!
3 Egging Houses. Not entirely not encouraged, but no nice people.
4 Stealing Candy. Just plain Low.
5 Werewolf transformation.  Don't judge me!
6 Eating villagers. Ok judge me a little.
7 Watching "Mockingbird Lane." Just so great!
8 Watching "Satan's Little Helper." You'll thank me.
9 Giving or receiving a scary book as part of Neil Gaiman's All Hallow's Read.