Doctor Who Series 7

The brilliant, British series known as "Doctor Who " has returned for a thirty third season! Three episodes have aired so far and today (or whatever day you are reading this) I will share some of my thoughts on it with you.

Warning Spoilers! Don't read if you haven't seen the episodes!!!!!!!!!!!

The Doctor - As has been pointed out by the cast the Doctor has become less tolerant most likely due to time spent away from the Ponds, as well as his many years of life. His choice to kill the evil, Solomon and how nearly he came to sacrificing the alien doctor and war criminal.

The Ponds - The marriage troubles faced by Amy, and Rory have not been touched on much sense the first episode which was about a year ago in their timeline but this is still no reason to believe that they might not arise again.

Rory's Dad - One word, hilarious.

Oswin Oswald - Played by Jenna Louise Coleman she is an incredibly fun nerd girl who will likely be the new companion. How she will be undaleked remains a mystery.

                                 Classical Music

Episode 1 - The Doctor played the triangle in a song from Carmen.
Episode 2 - Solomon  was listening to music which the Doctor had also helped make.

The Doctor In The Shadows

Season Six finale - The Doctor fakes his death and slips into the shadows.

Episode One Season Seven - The Daleks lose all memory of the Doctor.

Episode Two - Solomon's machine can not find records for the Doctor.