Autistic Pride Day

Autism is a variation in the brain's systems which often causes difficulty in understanding social cues
and other concepts. Autism is not merely one thing but instead a group of  "disorders" with various
 degrees of function in day to day life. While many people see low functioning autism and even other
forms as diseases which with scientific progress will be cured it is important to remember
that it is not some sort of infection and to change an autistic into a "normal person" would be
completely rewriting who they were including the positives as well as the negatives. If we are to move forward in the treatment of autism we must accept it as something that can only be improved
upon if necessary.

I myself am an aspie, (one with Asperger's syndrome, high functioning autism) and I do not pretend
to fully understand, what those on the other end of the spectrum and their loved ones go through
every day. I do think it's important to provide treatment for them and even higher functioning autistics, like myself who may desire, and or need it. The mostly online organization Aspies For
Freedom's goal is to move focus away from a cure and help develop new treatments which is a
wonderful and important idea.

   On June 18th of every year Autistic Pride Day is celebrated in order to bring awareness to the  cause  I've mentioned. It was my wish to mention my point of view on Autistic Pride Day,
 but my failure to check a calendar, followed by my laziness has led to me writing this post a bit late.