Twelve Interesting Facts

The following is a  collection of interesting information which I have collected in my head over a long period of time.
1 Lewis Carrol was both a mathematician and a deacon.
2 The planet Pluto has ties to both the Abrahamic Lucifer and his Hellenistic equivalent.
3 The word Hell comes from the name of the Norse death goddess  Hel and the realm in which she resided.
4 A species of jellyfish, called  Turitopsis Nutricula can regenerate its cells indefinitely allowing it to live hundreds of billions of years.
5 Beats were once used in place of pumpkins when making jack 'o lanterns.
6 Puritans were attracted to the human nose.
7 In certain Jewish stories Adam had three wives.
8 It is the Mormon belief that the cause of black skin is that certain individuals were neutral in the war in Heaven and were thus punished by God.
9 Edison paid Haorld P. Brown to  invent the electric chair.
10 The belief among Hebrews once was that the sky was a dome protecting the Earth from the water above.
11 It was once thought that a witch could transform into a cat nine times within her life.
12 The creator of Sherlock Holmes was a believer in fairies.

     Please share your feeling via a comment and if you wish you may share facts stored within your brain.  The link bellow is to a very odd and meaningful music video which I watch every now and then and greatly enjoy. If you have similar musical tastes feel free to suggest songs to I and others who may read this blog.
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