Twelve Interesting Facts

The following is a  collection of interesting information which I have collected in my head over a long period of time.
1 Lewis Carrol was both a mathematician and a deacon.
2 The planet Pluto has ties to both the Abrahamic Lucifer and his Hellenistic equivalent.
3 The word Hell comes from the name of the Norse death goddess  Hel and the realm in which she resided.
4 A species of jellyfish, called  Turitopsis Nutricula can regenerate its cells indefinitely allowing it to live hundreds of billions of years.
5 Beats were once used in place of pumpkins when making jack 'o lanterns.
6 Puritans were attracted to the human nose.
7 In certain Jewish stories Adam had three wives.
8 It is the Mormon belief that the cause of black skin is that certain individuals were neutral in the war in Heaven and were thus punished by God.
9 Edison paid Haorld P. Brown to  invent the electric chair.
10 The belief among Hebrews once was that the sky was a dome protecting the Earth from the water above.
11 It was once thought that a witch could transform into a cat nine times within her life.
12 The creator of Sherlock Holmes was a believer in fairies.

     Please share your feeling via a comment and if you wish you may share facts stored within your brain.  The link bellow is to a very odd and meaningful music video which I watch every now and then and greatly enjoy. If you have similar musical tastes feel free to suggest songs to I and others who may read this blog.
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Time And Relative Dimension In Space

"Doctor Who " is an extremely popular and nerdy British program created In 1963 by a Canadian man named Sydney Newman. In the beginning the hero known on as the Doctor was an elderly alien man who traveled around in time and space in  a time machine disguised as a British telephone box called the tardis. While The Doctor and the tardis have remained the focus of the show much has changed in the last fourty eight years.

  The first major change which "Doctor Who" went through was the introduction of the Nazi like aliens known as the daleks. The creator wanted the to focus only on history and science keeping what he called "bug eyed monsters" out of it though he would later change his mind saying that the daleks made "Doctor Who". The show would continue to move toward a more monster based show and in the 1966 serial "The Tenth Planet" the doctor would meet his demise due to old age after battling semi robotic, semi organic beings known as the cybermen. Luckily the Doctor belonged to a species known as the Time Lords who could regenerate every cell in their body within  a few moments and continue to live on as more or less different people. This process which is called regeneration allowed the Doctor to be replaced and would become a key part of the show.

  Over time the actors who were cast as the Doctor became younger though not steadily as some actors were in fact older than those before them and in 2010 the youngest Doctor  to date, Matt Smith  took control of the tardis.  Matt Smith plays the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor and is known for being eccentric and having a combination of  boyish charm and old man's wisdom. On November 23rd 2013, the show which is in my opinion one of the best things to happen to humanity will turn half a century old  and after watching episodes such as "An Unearthly Child", "The Doctor's Wife"  or "Blink" one need not ponder why.   The following are some videos related to "Doctor Who". I hope that you enjoy them.