'Tusk' Review

Have you ever thought to yourself "Why aren't there any good movies about people being surgically transformed into walruses set in Canada?" If you have then 'Tusk' just might be the movie for you. Kevin Smith's film 'Tusk' is a film with a deliberately campy feel. At the same time it is legitimately scary and dark and has a lot to say about relationships whether they're between a stranded man clinging to life and a Walrus or two lovers who are growing apart.

The gist of the plot is simple. Wallace (Justin Long) is a young and rather douchey podcast host  who lives in America and travels to Canada to interview a guy who accidentally injured himself playing wit a sword in an online video. Once in Canada Wallace discovers that the guy he has come to interview has committed suicide. Rather than give up and accept having nothing to talk about in his next podcast Wallace finds a man named Howard Howe who is looking for a boarder in his large home and claims to have many stories to tell. He visits Mr. Howe (Michael Parks) who drugs him and begins transforming him into a rather grotesque looking Walrus.

 A few reviews I've looked at focus on the radical shift in tone and feel that comes  roughly halfway through the movie when Johnny Depp's character is introduced. This is at first a return to a more pure campy feeling as the main story slowly becomes darker. Depp's character Guy Lapointe is a former detective who has devoted his life to hunting Mr. Howe who is a notorious serial killer. Depp's character is incredibly eccentric and at first hard to take serious. Having read some particularly negative reviews I was ready for him to ruin the movie for me. This was not the case. Guy becomes more complex when he reveals he had come into contact with Mr. Howe without realizing it and now lives with extreme guilt for the lives that have been lost.

  Speaking of characters who are more than they seem. Mr. Howe has lived  a long and 'interesting' life. He was orphaned as a child and used by various authority figures and other children sexually and for personal gain. This is implied to have left permanent emotional scars. Later he becomes stranded on a small island with only a walk named Mr. Tusk for company. They became close friends. Unfortunately as food became scarce and hunger took over he was forced  to kill and eat eat Mr. Tusk. Shortly afterward a ship arrived and rescued Mr. Howe. This is what ultimately drives him into insanity which brings him to change unsuspecting people into his departed giving him a chance to live again.

 At the heart of this movie is the relationship between Wallace and his girlfriend  Allison (Genesis Rodriguez). Wallace cheats on her pretty much every chance he gets and she in turn is romantically involved with Teddy (Haley Joel Osment) the co-host of his podcast . Allison feels that Wallace has become distant from not only her but also the person he once was, Wallace no longer cries as he doesn't not feel this is manly. He has become cold, totally selfish and uncaring. What he goes through makes him no longer a man but somehow I believe a better person. Maybe those two can work it out. That is if Allison has some kind of Walrus fetish.

'Tusk' is a one of a kind movie.  . It's different in a really brave and interesting way. It's the sort of thing that probably wouldn't exist without marijuana. I encourage all horror fanatics and enthusiasts of the weird to see 'Tusk.' After all man is a walrus at heart. Let's all put two flippers together for Kevin Smith's 'Tusk'.

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Hannibal Season 3 News

   Zachary Quinto who is best known for playing the least popular canon version of the character Spock is set to appear on the third season of Hannibal. Quinto is no stranger to the horror genre, having appeared on two seasons of American Horror Story. Quinto's character Dr. Thredson remains a fan favorite.

  Given Quinto's history in horror and his impressive skill as an actor it is easy to imagine many ways in which he could be a great asset to 'Hannibal' in the future.Unfortunately it appears his time on the show may be very short. At this time we only know that he will appear for at least one episode as a patient of Dr. Maurier. I for one hope to see him play a major and recurring role. New characters have been known to meet rather sticky ends in the past.If that is to be the case hopefully Quinto's Vulcan flesh it to the liking of Dr. Lecter.

 On another casting note it has been released that Michael Pitt will not be returning to the role of Mason Verger. Pitt is to be replaced by Joe Anderson who you might know from the film Across the Universe. The part has previously been taken on by Gary Oldman in the Silence of the Lambs sequel Hannibal. While Oldman and Pitt both performed admirably as Verger I think it will be good to have a new face or lack thereof in the role. Hannibal will return to our screens on Thursday June 4th.

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Of Cats and Killers

  For awhile I have run a Tumblr which focuses on a very particular niche, I take pictures of cats I find online and edit them so that they contain quotes from convicted serial killers. I try to make the quotes applicable to the pictures if at all possible.

 Ted Bundy was a necrophiliac serial killer who targeted young women who lured to their deaths with his extreme charisma and good looks. He is known to have been active from 1974 to 1978 but his tenure as a killer could have been significantly. At least thirty deaths are attributed to him. He is one of the best known serial killers of all time.

David Berkowitz also known as the Son of Sam was a delusion murderer who claimed to have received orders from a demon which appeared in the unlikely form of his neighbors dog. Berkowitz is currently imprisoned for six consecutive life terms and is born again christian. He likes to be callled the Son of Hope.

Richard Ramirez was a well known serial killer, rapist, and burglar. He broke into people's houses and shot them. Because of this he earned the nickname "Night Stalker". He committed his crimes in the greater Los Angeles area.

Jeffery Dahmer was notorious for killing, dismembering, and raping men and boys. (Not in that particular order, but the raping usually came post mortem) He  killed a total of 17 people over the course of 13 years before ultimately being caught. He was later beaten to death by another prisoner.

Albert Fish was a rapist and killer who had an obsession with the practice of cannibalism. He primarily targeted children, but also murdered multiple black and disabled people. He was called among other things the Werewolf of Wysteria and the Boogeyman.

John Christie killed women in the 1940's and 50's. When the bodies of three of his victims were found hidden in his kitchen and his wife's body was removed floorboards of his front room he was arrested. He was hung on July 15th 1953.

 On April 3rd of 2014 Tommy Lynn Sells was given a state order lethal and soon thereafter slipped into oblivion.  He was convicted of twenty two murders but the police he  was responsible for many more.Aside from murder Sells also had a long history of drug use and lesser violence. 

Carl Panzram was a nasty piece of work. He killed at least twenty one people and claimed to have forcefully raped a thousand men. He was hung on September 5th, 1930.


       Get ready for something adorable.

Irmgard Swinka is the only female killer to make it to my Tumblr so far. She poisoned five women.

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Violating a Social Norm by Michaela Jenae Frew

My experience violating a social norm
For an assignment in my sociology class, we were asked to violate a folkway social norm. In every society, there is an unspoken set of rules for our behavior. These are norms. A folkway norm is one that someone would notice if it was violated, but there wouldn’t be major repercussions. For this project I walked around a store asking strangers to tie my shoe. Kids usually learn how to tie their shoes around first or second grade. High school age kids typically know how to tie their shoes and would not ask strangers to tie them. I chose to break this norm because I wanted to do something fun and out of my comfort zone. My brother actually helped me come up with the idea. I was bouncing around ideas with my mom and my brother said something about his shoes being untied.

I carried out this experiment by untying one shoe then asking strangers to tie them. I had to bite my cheek sometimes to keep from laughing because I felt very ridiculous. I made sure no one saw me untie my shoe and that the people I had already asked didn’t see me ask someone else or see me with my shoe untied again. I encountered a roadblock when I went to untie my shoe again after I had walked away from a younger boy who had just tied it and realized that it was tangled into a knot. I had to sit down and figure out how to untangle it before I moved on to the next person. I asked ten people to tie my shoe: five women, three men, one teenage girl and one younger boy.

The results surprised me. I expected most of the people to laugh at me and refuse, but only three people gave me responses like that. One person, a woman who looked to be in her twenties, looked at me and said “You’re serious?” and when I responded with “Yes, I’m sorry I just can’t do it” she said quite rudely, “go play with someone else, or let my six year old son do it because he doesn’t know how to either.” The teenage girl looked about my age, and  when I asked her she stared at me for a few seconds and said “Man, that’s wreck!” By which I’m guessing she meant that me being unable to tie my shoe is unfortunate or something like that. She then started laughing very loudly and turned to an older couple, whom I am assuming were her parents because of the way they talked to each other, and said to the man, “how about you do it. That sounds like a job for you.” I awkwardly stood there while the man and teenager walked away for a few seconds then I went away too. My sister was around the corner and heard her and the man tell the mom and the mom was scolding her giving her a lecture because she wouldn’t help me. When my sister told me this I felt bad and didn’t want to get the girl in trouble so I told them it was a project I was doing for my sociology class. The girl looked surprised and looked as if she felt bad for being rude. Most of the other people agreed, but with strange looks and comments like “Really?” and “Okay then.” One woman refused because she said she had bad knees and she couldn’t get down there. She said that if she could she would.

The impact this experiment had on me is that people are nicer than I thought they would be. There were a few people who were rude and refused, but for the most part, I was wrong. I also learned that I am not as brave as I thought I would be. I had to work up the nerve every time I asked someone, and it usually took a few minutes to build up the courage. There were some people that I was too nervous to ask. There was a group of middle school age kids that intimidated me because they were loud and there were four or five of them. It was a lot easier to talk to the adults than the younger people.


Sexism in Comics



Sexism is defined by Merriam Webster as
1 : prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially : discrimination against women 2 : behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex. I would like to focus on the second half of this definition. Sexism is just one variation of the larger problem which is prejudice and ignorance. Ignorance and prejudice make roots in the minds of individuals most easily when society treats them as truths. Culural prejudices can be seen in art music and entertainment. Comics being a very popular form of creative expression are no stranger to sexist, racist and overall ignorant ideas.

According to DC Comics in 2014 their creative staff was made up ninety one point two percent male and nine point eight percent female creators. Marvel had 10.8 percent female creators. While these are all time highs for females in the field their is still a long way to go. Modern comics tend to appeal to a larger male than female audience. This is largely because of the way in which female comic character are portrayed. If comics are to evolve in such a way that they accurately represents all groups regardless of race, sexual orientation or gender.

 Neil Gaiman's Sandman series is considered ground breaking by many comics fans and contemporary literature critics alike. It is notable because it featured homosexual relationships in a positive light and depicted the struggle of a transgender woman. It also got many women interested in comics and helped to launch the Vertigo imprint of DC and with it a new age of comics.

 With more female creators and comics like Sandman progress will surely march on. Unfortunately today societal prejudice is still reflected in the medium. Ultimately this will become a thing. Comics are a strong tool to express ideas and accelerate social change.

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Lizzie's Cosplay Interview

I recently contacted a young Danish cosplayer named Lisette. She is primarily Doctor Who cosplayer and she's incredibly talented. I emailed her some questions and she got back to me the other day. If you have interest in cosplay and or Doctor who I urge you to read on.

1 What is it about Doctor Who that appeals to you?
I love the morals in it. It teaches the way of life; how we shall treat each other and what goodness mankind can have. It’s not only about a man traveling in a box, but it’s about love and loss and sacrifice. I love the personality of the Doctor and I like that even though he is a rolemodel and a hero, he is not always nice. He is just an alien. It’s exciting to, through the companions eyes, to discover other adventures and to explore the Doctor. I have never been a big fan of Sci Fi but there is just something about Doctor Who that really caught my attention.

2 Why is it that you decided to become involved with cosplay? i have always loved dressing out and did it every chance I had. I didn’t knew about cosplay before I had entered a costume completion on facebook for fun with my Rose Cosplay (which were the reason for how I got my first ever cosplay) and I have loved it ever since. Never understood how big it was until I attended my first convention and saw just how popular cosplaying was and through the compliments I got for my cosplays, my interest grew bigger.

3 You most frequently do variants on the character of Rose Tyler. Do you relate strongly to Rose?
Both yes and no. she is way more secure and cocky that I could ever be but I do somehow relate to her through the series and she just grew on me. I think it’s the difference between her and me that does that I love cosplaying her so much. It’s always fun to be able to be a complete different person than who you normally are.

4 Do you have a personal favorite Doctor Who story? Oooh that is a tough one. I think it has to be Water on Mars because I just love the darkness and the change in the Doctor through that episode. It is so much more different than a typical Doctor Who story and even though I love Rose, I find the stories where the Doctor is on his own (like Midnight and the Specials) more interesting.

5 How long does it typically take for you to complete a cosplay? it varies. Most of my cosplays are bought so it all depends if I need to find it before a con or if I have the time. If I have the time I can be very patient until I find the right alt or better, the SA piece. If I don’t have long I am going for what I can find on the time and hope it will be okay for it but I always prepare at least 2 months before a con. So all in all it takes me between a week and a year to complete a cosplay. I still have many half finished cosplays which I am just waiting to complete.

6 If you were to join the Doctor in his travels where would you want to visit first? Hmmm good question. I think I am more interested in the future than the past. Not my own but just to see how the world evolves and I would of course love to visit other planets. But there has never been a certain moment on my mind when people have asked me the question. I would love to go anywhere as long as it would an adventure.

7 Are there any cosplayers you look to for inspiration?
I look up to all the cosplay friends I have. They are amazing and have always been there to help me including my boyfriend. I never looked for inspiration in particular at anyone. I like to run my own show and put my own touch to my cosplays but I am always open for ideas and help. One of my favorite cosplayers though has to be Starbit Cosplay as she is so talented and is a born chameleon. Haven’t seen a character she couldn’t look like and I can’t help being a bit proud that we are both Scandinavians.

8 If you had to choose a franchise other than Doctor Who to cosplay what would that be?
I think it would be Harry Potter and Marvel but it’s difficult to say as Doctor Who is mainly my life. I have always been a Harry Potter fan so I can’t help starting on that one and I have always wanted to cosplay Black Widow from the Avengers. One thing I also wanna try and cosplay is horror characters as I am a huge horror fan. I am planning on doing a Saw cosplay for Halloween.  

9 Of all the cosplays you have done so far which have you found most difficult to complete?
The ones I have found most difficult must have been those I chose to get SA pieces for. Finding SA clothes can be quite difficult especially for Rose and some pieces are rarer than others. I waited a year to finally get my hands on the School Reunion Jacket which is my all time favorite. Another cosplay which is still not complete is the Girl in the Fireplace because I am very picky with selecting jeans and I haven’t found the right ones yet.

10 What characters are you currently working on? I am not working on anything at the moment but I am keeping my eyes out for pieces to my Fem!Master cosplay and I am hoping on starting on my Poison Ivy cosplay soon which is going to be the first cosplay I am going to make myself.

And that's all from this impossible girl. If you want to see more of her work you can visit the Lizzie's Cosplay Facebook page on which she posts frequently. Thanks for reading. If you wish to see more of what this blog has to offer you can follow us using Google plus, subscribe or like Sentience on Facebook. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments. Run!


Supernatural "There's No Place Like Home" Review

I'll admit going into watching the most recent episode of the Supernatural "There's no Place Like Home" I was worried. The trailer had my favorite character Charlie Bradbury behaving very strangely. Supernatural has a long history of killing off beloved characters and Charlie's death didn't seem incredibly unlikely. Look the episode "There's No Place Like Home" did not bring Charlie's death. It did however bring up some good points about human nature and the necessity and beauty of imperfection  This episode presents Sam and Dean with a very peculiar problem.

   Charlie has been split in half. She is two highly dysfunctional people. One Charlie is completely innocent. The other Charlie is a murderous badass representing the dark side. I've got to say I'm quite pleased with how the show handled the philosophical question of what makes us who we are. Early in the episode Sam and Dean are looking into Charlie's past. Sam suggests she was deeply trouble and Dean refuses to believe him saying she was a good kid. The truth of  course was always somewhere in between.

  The episode ends with Dean nearly beating the dark Charlie to death and in effect doing the same to her other side. The "good" realizing the necessity of a dark act murders the evil wizard of Oz and becomes whole once again. After healing some Charlie leaves Sam and Dean Charlie leaves vowing to help Dean with the Mark of Cain which is causing his own darkness to grow to an unhealthy degree.

   Charlie is a strong, badass female character who pushes boundaries and is incredibly lovable. This episode is incredibly effective because it examines her on every level. It does not sugar coat anything or make humans out to be simple monsters. This episode shows us that the end we all must have darkness and light inside ourselves  and we should not fight that fundamental aspect of our nature. Thanks again Felicia Day for another great episode of Supernatural.



The Mouth

  I'm heading down a dark tunnel. Fear fills my tiny blue body. I know there is no escape yet I still press on. Why am I condemned to this eternal damnation. Why must I move through this shadowy maze of death? Escape seems impossible. I see him in my peripheral vision. He looks so hungry. He's like a big, fat, yellow shark. I can not reason with this monster. So I run.

   I take a right. I can hear him running after me. His breathing is raspy. I can barely catch my breath. My entire being begs me to stop but I press on. If I stop he finds me. If I stop I die. Sweat is dripping into my eyes. I close them tightly as I run. I don't want to see the nightmare around me. I imagine waking up somewhere far away but when my eyes open the darkness still surrounds me. A little orange fruit is at my feet. I kick it to the side and take a left turn. A wave of relief washes over me as I see three blue figures huddled together less than twenty feet away.

  Any minute now the tables will turn and we will have our vengeance. I run to rejoin the group. The nightmare is nearly over. Suddenly my foot slips. I fall flat on my back. I hear the crunch of my leg as it breaks. I should be in incredible pain but the fear and the adrenaline act as cruel anesthetic. He's slowly approaching. The others have scattered. I know there is no way out.

  When that smile is no more than a foot away from me it chuckles. My body shakes. I close my eyes  tightly and then something makes me open them. I look into that big hungry mouth. I know soon I will be nothing. The mouth closes around me. The Pac-man has won.

The World Needs a Salad Fingers

 Throughout history there have been oddities and freak shows which have captured the imaginations of both normies and interesting people alike. In the modern the modern age of Viagra and sexting this grand tradition of freakishness continues. Perhaps nothing embodies the spirit and the art of the strange and the unusual more so than Salad fingers. Salad Fingers is a charming single man who enjoys things in life such as rusty spoons, fingers puppets and watching the red water come out.

Salad Fingers is a cartoon creation of the beautifully fracked up mind of David Firth. It's set in what appears to be some sort of apocalyptic wasteland and focuses on the title character of Salad Fingers. We watch as his weak since of sanity decays and he struggles to find love, fame and rusty spoons. Salad Fingers is produced on the web and is not at all the same sort of thing as most televised  cartoons. It's a creation of the darkened void and it infiltrates our homes like a computer virus infecting our brains and making us embrace the insanity which we love.

We need Salad Fingers in much same way as we need Santa Claus. He's an improbable and odd fellow who is exist in a twisted reflection of this reality. Without things like him the war against the boring and the mundane would have lost long ago. Hail Salad Fingers! Hail rusty spoons!



Brony: Friendship is Murder

I apologize to anyone who may have been expecting a new posts since the New Year. I've been busy with school, debate and health issues among other things. To tell you the truth I know I've had time to put something together for you and I'm sorry for not having done so.                                                                                                                 In the hopes of winning you beautiful people back I would like to share with you something I wrote earlier today. It's about a unicorna and it's somewhat dark so it may not necessarily be to your liking. If you're a brony please do not take offense.                                                                                                                                                                  Pain. It's such a short word. Isn't it? It's just four letters. It's like love or hope. It's really a very tiny word but somehow as the gears grind and thick drops of my blood drip onto the white carpeting pain feels so big.                                                                                                                      The room is empty save for myself, the mechsnisms of my agony and a dusty heart shaped mirror hanging on the wall. Written in the dust are the words friendship is magic. The man who wrote those words has been no friend to me. I wish now that I could drive my horn through that fat bastard's skull.                                                                                                                                                         I can remember the leaves rustling in the trees and the cold night air as I stepped out into the light. I tried to run but the car was too fast. When I woke up I was here in this room.I miss nature and the sun and moon. I miss mud and running. Mostly I miss my freedom. Not a second goes by that I do not want to escape. Still I suppose all unicorns are captured in the end.                                                                                                                               I will probably write some more of this story soon. I hope to have an interview with a lovely cosplayer posted very soon. I promise to work on writing posts more frequently. Have a lovely day.                         


Lost River Will Not be Released in US Theaters

In a world completely under my control Matt Smith would always be  a bow tie wearing space geek. In reality Peter Capaldi is now impressing millions of fans with his new and eccentric take on the Doctor and Matt Smith has been trying to build a name for himself outside of his most famous role.                                                                                                                                                    
Matt Smith made the decision to transition from Doctor Who to Hollywood largely because of one particular role. He was cast as a lead in a film which at one point was going to be titled How to Catch a Monster and is now called (ironically for whovians) Lost River.                                                                                                                    
 According to Lost River is about a single mother being "swept into a dark underworld while her teenage son discovers a road that leads him to a secret underwater town." With an interesting premise like that, Matt Smith starring and professional hunk Ryan Gosling directing you would think this film would be a certain success.                                                                                    

 Unfortunately that does not appear to be the case at all. After harsh reviews from critics at the Cannes Film Festival Lost River's US  theatrical release has been cancelled. It will be available for a limited time in certain theaters in LA and New York and then go straight to video in April. Their is no word as to whether or not this decision may affect other countries choice to show it.

    I for one am extremely disappointed. The trailer looked very interesting and I am eager to support Matt Smith in his career choices. Fortunately for Smith fans he is set to star in the next movie in the Terminator franchise as well as the film adaption of the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Smith's career has still got legs.                                                                                                                                                                                                    
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An Open Letter to Tyler Durden

 Dear Tyler Durden,                                                                                                                                                                          
  I am very aware that you are insane. You are a bad friend and an extremely manipulative person. You're really kind of an asshole. Still as you stare at me from the front  of Fight Club case I must confess that I am as it happens jealous of you.                                                                                                                                                              
  You are willing to do whatever it takes to be truly free. You do not regret anything. You always know exactly what you want to do with your life and you never doubt yourself.  Sure you're a rude and somewhat murderous criminal who makes soap for a living but when it comes down to it you are Brad freaking Pitt!! You have nothing at all holding you back.                                                                                                                                                              
  There is a part of me that wishes I was you. Well the whole arm burning thing isn't exactly my cup of tea but other than that you seem to have things going pretty well for yourself. You really let what doesn't matter truly slide. I find that very admirable. I am prepared  to become like you. I am looking for a near life experience. I am a monkey ready to be shot into space. 2015 will be my year. Tyler is love. Tyler is life.          
   I'm not completely sure why I just wrote this. I think we can all learn from Tyler. As you're  trying to accomplish your New Year's resolution or just get by in life you might want to take a step back and look at things from his perspective. Try not to kill anyone nice.


Chivalry Isn't Just a Man's Duty

A man and a woman walk into a restaurant and, plot twist, the woman holds the door open for her date. Shockingly enough the woman pays for dinner too. Why is this so surprising? Maybe it is because modern chivalry is implied to be just for the guys. In the United States, we have policies making strides towards a more equal society. Women should help move this along by practicing modern chivalry in our lives. Because we live in a society that is becoming more equal, modern chivalry should be expected from both men and women

What is modern chivalry? Part of modern chivalry is holding open doors for people. Why should only men be expected to do this? Women have arms, we are capable of opening doors too. I mean, if we approach a door and there is no big strong man to open the door for us, we don’t just sit there and wait for a man to come along and do it. Another part of being chivalrous is offering your seat to others, such as a pregnant women, the disabled or elderly. But if an able-bodied woman is sitting down and an elderly man was standing, would the man be expected to be chivalrous and let her sit? I don’t think so. Let the woman be chivalrous and stand. Who says a man always has to pay for the date? News flash, women can have well paying jobs, women can vote, a woman can be independent enough to pay for herself and her date.

How are we furthering equality in society? Feminism is a doctrine advocating having social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men according to Basically, feminists want equality of the sexes. This will never happen if men are always expected to pay for everything, hold all of the doors and always offer people their seats. Having men do all of the “chivalrous” deeds will only further the patriarchal mindset of society. When the venn-diagram of gender roles becomes a circle, society will be equal. A good start to this is chivalry being expected of both genders. The United States Constitution has amendments attempting to equalize society. With the 19th amendment, women got their foot in the door with the right to vote. With the 13th, slavery was abolished. With the 14th, no person can be denied the protection of the law. With the 15th, all men could vote regardless of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. These amendments prove that our society is ever progressing towards equality.

Women and men should be expected to practice modern chivalry. Ladies, pay for you and your date, or at least yourself. Men, let them pay, you can always pay next time. If both genders are expected to cross gender role barriers and practice acts of modern chivalry, equality will naturally follow. Women need to step up to the plate and make this a daily practice. Our society is constantly striving to become more equal and I strongly believe that parallel chivalry expectations is the next logical step in furthering equality.